Philosophy and Approach

Reach New GoalsTherapy is teamwork:  The client and the therapist both bring important qualities to the counselling relationship. I know that you will bring your enormous potential for growth and the natural human desire to move towards greater health and happiness. Together, we will come to recognize and acknowledge the many strengths that you already possess. There have been challenges and obstacles you have already overcome with creativity and skill. We’ll discover that many more solutions already lie within you.
I will bring my expertise and commitment to encourage you to reach your goals through the most effective and efficient methods available.  I’ll help you take action to make the changes you need and want to make.  While we can’t control many life events, we can determine how we choose to cope with them.  I’ll help you to identify limiting beliefs and replace self-defeating patterns with healthier, more adaptive choices. 

Effective Therapy can be measured by looking for changes and growth in the way you think, you feel and you behave.  Together, we will choose from well-researched psychotherapeutic techniques to uniquely suit your needs.  I practice with a holistic, solution-focused approach.  During a therapy session, you can expect to be listened to with respect and empathy.  Perhaps you will be challenged to explore a different perspective and practice a new skill or behavior.  And finally, I will encourage you to utilize your insight and continue your learning outside the therapy relationship. Find Peace and Contentment

Therapy techniques Supported by Research are the most helpful in facilitating the growth that you want for yourself and your family.  I have advanced training and specialization in helping clients create change and transform their lives using:

• Cognitve Behavioral Therapy
• Clinical Hypnosis
• Communication, Assertiveness and Social Skills Training
• Coaching to Improve Parenting Strategies




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